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in 6 simple steps

Define goals

Explore, define and document the business goals for the product or feature, 
while focusing on the  highest value outcomes and keeping an open mind about
how to achieve the goal

You get:

  • stakeholder interviews document
  • review of your business idea by a UX expert
  • definition of user personas
  • examples of best practices for user flows


Discover the requirements necessary to achieve the established goals, complete a competitive analysis, review feasibility, and define the scope of the design work

You get:

  • detailed analysis of project scope
  • comparative market research
  • set of usability recommendations for better product outcome
  • full estimation of the UX and Design scope of work


Research of relevant cases and alternative design approaches. Collaboration between the key stakeholders and the UX design team. Generation and visualization of ideas aimed to provide a comprehensive vision of product features

You get:

  • storyboards
  • user journey maps
  • user stories and acceptance criteria
  • results of the initial survey
  • well-documented summary of the ideation phase

Napkin UX

Speed and feedback is everything when it comes to design and UX iterations.
What’s the fastest way to sketch the UX and run it by the users?

Hand sketches on a napkin, or create quick wireframes!

You get:

  • low-fidelity paper or digital prototype of all valuable pages and modules

Prototype and Testing

Based on research, we create the best user experience with interactive prototyping.  

This approach ensures a natural “look and feel” of the final product.
After that, it’s validation time: A/B testing, metrics analysis, etc…

You get:

  • high-fidelity interactive prototype which can be easily shared among the user testing
    participants and stakeholders (investors)
  • well-commented metrics of A/B, guerilla or remote testing with valuable UX recap and recommendations

Visual Design and Interactions

It’s visuals time!
Time to work on the design, documentation, and assets.

At this stage, you get validated and refined screens, stylesheets,
videos of interaction design, and other relevant design files

You get:

  • full set of pixel-perfect visual design sources with all development-ready redlines, assets  and specs
  • style guide and snippets style sheets, icon fonts
  • videos of user interactions
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